MITO with shark in BeiJing Aquarim

On March 8th, 2019, MITO was deployed in the Beijing Aquarium to monitor and record shark tank cleaning. Navatics was invited to join a filming operation hosted by a Chinese factual television program. The television program wanted to videotape aquarists performing shark tank maintenance by removing algae from the aquarium glass and disposing of shark excrements. This process is essential for conserving a healthy aquatic habitat from contamination where sharks can survive in.

Normally, underwater videographers would be sent down for these underwater shootings. However, hiring professionals would be very expensive, and there would be too many risks involved if videographers were to work in a shark-infested tank. The producers of the television program ask us to operate MITO and capture the cleaning process. With its 4K cameras and nimble maneuverability, MITO did not disappoint.