MITO participated Ghost Net cleaning event in HK

Together with local diver community and TV station, Navatics MITO was invited to a ghost net clearance event in Hong Kong. MITO’s prime task was to help divers to locate the target underwater.

What is Ghost Net

Ghost Nets are those fishnets that have abandoned or lost in the ocean by fishermen, which estimated 46% of the Great Pacific garbage patch consists of fishing related plastics. Some of the fishnet use flotation buoys, such as glass floats, along one edge. In this way, certain fishes could get caught because of the vertical wall, but these kind of nets would be easily discovered and removed.  While other nets may sink to the bottom of the ocean, which can be tangled with reef, fishes, turtles, or other marine creatures. With the poor visibility deep in the ocean, and the force from ocean current, it has become the ghost that hardly to locate. 

Navatics MITO Underwater Drone participated Ghost Net cleaning event in HK

What is MITO’s role in this event

Navatics MITO is an underwater drone that can dive down to 40 meters effortlessly, and with the dual lights and 6 moto power, it’s easy to search different areas where have murky water condition. Since underwater work often comes along with great danger, with MITO livestreaming the underwater images back to the smart device, people would immediately know the situation down there. MITO’s the perfect hunting buddy in the open water, searching with you, and protect you.

By the end of the day, all the ghost net we found has removed. Even though, we would not recommend unexperienced diver to participate. Because during the removal, our diver was trapped by Ghost nets, only with the help of the right tool to untangled it. 

Protecting the ocean is a long-term and globally wide mission, because we only have one ocean.

Inspired by Harry Chan, specially thank to Eric Li, Tony Chiu, Adrian Cheng, and all the divers. Thank you all for inviting Navatics MITO into this meaningful event.