Navatics MITO  has buzzed its way into almost every aspect of the human world, from underwater photography and scientific research to environmental monitoring and archaeology.

Navatics MITO Underwater ROV-Applications-1
Underwater Photography & Videography

MITO is the trusted tool for underwater photography and videography with its 4K camera and built-in 64GB storage. It can capture crystal-clear and extremely stable footage even in a depth of 40 meters below the surface or in total darkness.

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Diving Monitoring

It is important to relay real-time underwater information to the surface while diving. MITO can follow divers in the water with speeds up to 3 knots and observe their performance. Use MITO to help record your dives or supervise any diving novices you brought along with you.

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Commercial Inspection

Use MITO instead of Divers to inspect your assets. Cirque du Soleil uses MITO for stage inspections and Hong Kong customs uses MITO to disrupt carry on smuggling. With MITO, you will save time, money and you can use it at anytime!

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Cave Exploration
Use MITO to unveil mysteries that have been forgotten for many years in the dark and locate underwater treasures. MITO has dual 1000 lumen LED lights to explore dark environments and its sleek design allows it to maneuver in much tighter space than humans.
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If you own a yacht or a boat, you should definitely buy a MITO. You could use it to conduct ship inspections, survey fishing spots, preview dive sites or explore the vast marine life. Imagine all the adventures you can have with MITO!

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Marine Research

Our initial objective for creating MITO is to provide the scientific, educational, and environmental community with an affordable and flexible research tool for marine surveys. The Nature Conservancy uses MITO to track fish population since it won’t disturb marine lives.

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MITO can help you locate school of fishes or individual targets more efficiently and effectively. MITO will not disturb any marine life since it moves silently in water and only leaves a small, negligible wake. It is anglers’ new go-to choice.

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Hull Inspection

MITO provides an efficient alternative to monitor the status of ships’ hull with its flexible control system. Its stream line design makes it easy to maneuver MITO into tight spots and detect hull erosion. There is no longer a need to send divers down for hull inspections.

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Search and Rescue

MITO can dive longer and faster in hazardous underwater locations than divers. Live footage from MITO help pinpoint potential threats to divers and allow them to have a better preview of the situation. Deploy MITO for pre-dive scouting or to locate people who are in distress or imminent danger.

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Aquaculture Inspections

Use MITO to inspect your aquaculture farms for net damage, moor lines and conditions of other submerged infrastructures. You can also monitor your fishes’ health and behavior without scaring them. MITO will give you a crisp footage!