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It’s the most stable and affordable underwater drone in the consumer market. Benefits from its unique inertial stable algorithm, if an external force tries to change its balance, MITO would correct its vertical and horizontal bearing, and return to its previous state. Also, because of the waterproof technology, 2 swappable batteries would enable its long durance usage for up to 8hours, which is the unique feature compare to the others. Plus our Wireless Communication Buoy, that extend the operation range into 500 meters away. Therefore, with long distance operation ability MITO can hold up to extreme usage like underwater filming, fish detecting, going out sea (whole day long water activity). A perfect match for sailing.

it started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and after 15 days we raised $12,0000, which is 300% funded. At the beginning, our customers come from different continent around the world, where close to the ocean. But these days, even somewhere inner land, where only has lakes and rivers, buyers, they’re willing to take MITO to travel around to explore different area. Our brand ambassador, the freediving world record holder, Jessea Lu, says MITO would be able to help her in freediving classes. It’s easy to maneuver, easy to set up, and because of its stabilized underwater footage, Jess can play the video back and forth for specific teaching. Therefore, save her from going down to the training pool over and over, and improve her teaching efficiency.

it was created to enhance underwater creations, we wanted MITO to be affordable, stable and easy-to-use, to be able to show people what is beneath the oceans. It could be an underwater filming machine, where the water is too dangerous/ messy to let divers go down for safety issues.  Also, it is designed for long-period-operating for marine inspection related, like boat inspection and aquaculture to save the investment of labor force. Lastly, it could be a diving partner, to secure the safety of each dive and record it.

MITO was created to enhance underwater recreations. We wanted MITO to be affordable, stable, easy-to-use, and provide people an opportunity to observe the world beneath the waves. It can also be a survey machine in situation where the water is too dangerous or chaotic to risk divers.

MITO Development

Very early phototype of Navatics MITO

Navatics earlier phototype field test

First phase of Navatics MITO

Core Team Members

Andreas Widy

Co-Founder & CEO

Henry Liyanto

Co-Founder & CTO

Danny Tao

Co-Founder & Director

Chang Zhao

Co-Founder & CMO

Elvin Ruslim

Electronic Engineer

Jack Chen

Manufacturing Engineer

Winson Li

APP Developer


Hardware Engineering Manager

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